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Posted on: July 23, 2010

Illinois Medical Home Project

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A medical home is an approach to providing primary care that is accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family-centered, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective.  In a medical home, the primary care team develops a trusting relationship with the family and works as a partner to assure that all of the child’s needs are met.

Through its medical home initiatives, ICAAP works with individual physicians, primary care practices, and community and state agencies to support the dissemination and implementation of the medical home model, with a focus on improving services for children with special health care needs.

Key articles providing evidence to support the medical home model are linked below:

Improvement in the Family-Centered Medical Home Enhances Outcomes for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (2009)

Jeanne W. McAllister, BSN, MS, MHA; Kathleen Sherrieb, MS, DrPH; and W. Carl Cooley, MD

This study found that medical home quality improvement efforts resulted in improvements in practice capacity and child and family outcomes as measured by the Medical Home Index and Medical Home Family Index. [...more]

Medical Home for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs: A Review of the Evidence (2009)

Mass General Hospital Center for Child and Adolescent Health Policy

This short review highlights important findings from medical home studies. [...more]

The Effect of Facilitation in Fostering Practice: Benefits of Care Coordination for Children with Complex Disease (2009)

The Robert Graham Center

This one-pager summarizes the results of a medical home demonstration project that found that practices recieving medical home facilitation support had a higher capacity for change and were more likely to implement components of the medical home. [...more]

Proof in Practice: A compilation of patient centered medical home pilot and demonstration projects (2009)

Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative

This document provides information about a number of medical home projects throughout the country. [...more]

Benefits of Care Coordination for Children with Complex Disease: A Pilot Medical Home Project in a Resident Teaching Clinic (2009)

Thomas S. Klitzner, MD, PhD; Leslie A. Rabbitt, MPH; and Ruey-Kang R. Chang, MD, MPH

This study examined the effect of care coordination on health care utilization in children with complex disease.  Findings demonstrated a significant reduction in ED visits. [...more]

The Medical Home: Health Care Access and Impact for Children and Youth in the United States (2011)

Bonnie B. Strickland, PhD; Jessica R. Jones, MPH; Reem M. Ghandour, DrPH, MPA; Michael D. Kogan, PhD; and Paul W. Newacheck, DrPH

This study assesses the proportion of children who have a medical home and describes the impact of having a medical home on key health care outcomes. [...more]

What is the Evidence to Support Care Coordination

Champions for Inclusive Communities

This brief summary reviews the evidence in support of service coordination. [...more]

The Patient-Centered Medical Home Citations Collection

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

This online collection includes numerous citations for studies and articles related to medical home. [...more]

Coordinating the Medical Home with Hospitalist Care

Hospital Pediatrics

This article discusses the expectations and benefits of coordinating a medical home with a hospitalist. [...more]

Achieving Better Quality of Care for Low-Income Populations: The Roles of Health Insurance and the Medical Home in Reducing Health Inequities

The Commonwealth Fund

This article reviews the potential for health insurance coverage and medical home elements to help reduce health care disparities among low-income populations. [...more]

Improved Outcomes Associated with Medical Home Implementation in Pediatric Primary Care


This article reviews elements and activities of the medical home model and discusses the benefits of medical home implementation in pediatric primary care. [...more]

Advancing Primary Care: Opportunities to Support Care Delivery Redesign in Practices Serving Medicaid and Racially and Ethnically Diverse Populations

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

This article reviews opportunities to promote primary care and improve it to better serve racially and ethnically diverse populations. [...more]

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