2012 Active Legislation Overview

Posted on: February 6, 2012

As part of it’s advocacy efforts, the Illinois Chapter weighs in on may different bills introduced in Springfield.   This is an overview of the bills the Illinois Chapter is working on during the 97th General Assembly.

Ensure access to quality medical homes for all children

Educate Illinois leaders about managed care via meetings with the Governor’s office and the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family services to discuss plans to move 50% of Medicaid beneficiaries to managed care programs as mandated by PA96-1501.

Download  – ICAAP Managed Care Fact Sheet (pdf) and ICAAP Medicaid Reform Fact Sheet

Protect and improve public insurance programs and support the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Give input to the establishment of Health Benefit Exchanges required by the ACA by participating in meetings of the Illinois Department of Insurance to develop their structure, governance, financing, and benefit packages.


Support House Bill 1666 and Senate Bill 1329 restricting use of tanning beds to individuals over 18.

Download ICAAP Tanning Bed Fact Sheet



2011 Active Legislation Overview


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