ICAAP Election Results

Posted on: July 11, 2012

The Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics is led by a dedicated group of pediatricians who volunteer their service to improve pediatric care in Illinois.  ICAAP leadership includes five chapter officers, six elected members, and one appointed executive committee member representing an academic medical center.  These 12 members are called the Executive Committee and they serve as the ICAAP board of directors.

ICAAP conducted elections for its 2012-2014 Executive Committee and Nominating Committee in the spring of 2012.  The following is the full slate of leaders as of July 2012.  Those elected or reelected in the 2012 election are marked with an asterisk (*).

2012 – 2014 ICAAP Executive Committee

ICAAP Officers

President, 2012-2014
Kay L. Saving, MD, FAAP
Peoria, IL

President-Elect, 2012-2014
Barbara Bayldon, MD, FAAP*
Chicago, IL

Secretary, 2012-2014
Alison S. Tothy, MD, FAAP*
Chicago, IL

Treasurer, 2012-2014 (second term)
Todd Ochs, MD, FAAP*
Chicago, IL

Past President
Dennis L. Vickers, MD, MPH, FAAP
Chicago, IL

 ICAAP Executive Committee Members

Leslie Cordes, MD, FAAP, Glenview, IL (2010-2014, first term)
Mariana Glusman, MD, FAAP, Chicago IL (2010-2014, first term)
Daniel Johnson, MD, FAAP, Chicago, IL* (2012-2016, first term)
Alan Rosenblatt, MD, FAAP, Chicago, IL (2010-2014, first term)
Beth Volin, MD, FAAP, Chicago, IL* (2012-2016, second term)
Karen Walker, MD, FAAP, Oak Park, IL* (2012-2016, second term)

ICAAP Executive Committee Academic Center Liaison

Pedro De Alarcon, MD, FAAP, Peoria, IL (2012-2014)

ICAAP Nominating Committee

Irwin Benuck, MD, PhD, FAAP, Chicago, IL* (2012-2016)
Sherald Leonard, MD, FAAP, Chicago, IL* (2012-2016)
Judy Neafsey, MD, FAAP, Chicago, IL (2010-2014)
Ed Pont, MD, FAAP, Elmhurst, IL (2010-2014)

ICAAP thanks Drs. Irwin Benuck, Ann Cutler, Wayne Franklin, Karen Judy, and Usha Raj, who completed terms in ICAAP leadership on June 30, 2012.

ICAAP also thanks 2012 election candidates including Drs. Anita Chanda-Puri, Wayne Franklin, Praveen Kumar, Jihad Shoshara, David Soglin and Kathy Swafford.  We appreciate their commitment to ICAAP!