Summary Report: Illinois Medicaid Physician Survey, Survey of State Medicaid Policies and Literature Review, and Survey of State Quality Measures

Posted on: September 25, 2012

ICAAP’s Obesity Prevention Initiatives team is pleased to offer a Summary Report on its Review of State Medicaid Policies and Quality Measures, conducted in the April – June 2012 quarter. The activities undertaken by ICAAP identify Medicaid policies and programs outside of Illinois that should be considered for inclusion in the Illinois Medicaid program to improve the quality and delivery of care. The report also identifies quality measures addressing obesity care implemented in other states. The results of the surveys will inform anticipated ICAAP recommendations to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services about how to clarify and strengthen Illinois Medicaid policies to improve the quality of pediatric obesity care. The survey findings will also assist in the development strategies to increase provider reporting of a weight assessment quality measure in the Illinois Medicaid program.

The Summary Report can be downloaded via the following link:

Summary Report – Review of State Medicaid Policies, Literature Review, and Quality Measures


Promoting Health: Improving Quality in Obesity Care
is supported by the Otho S.A. Sprague Memorial Institute and
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