ABCD III Final Report

Posted on: November 8, 2012

Illinois Healthy Beginnings II (IHB2) is coming to an end.  IDHFS and ICAAP have released  a final report outlining some of the project’s major accomplishments and achievements.  Over the past three years, the Illinois ABCD III has achieved significant milestones.  Some of these accomplishments include systematizing the communication loop among primary care providers (PCPs), community service providers (CSP) and  EI.  This was accomplished  through implementation of a care coordination that includes the use of referral and feedback forms.  In addition to designing a curriculum for pediatricians engaged in the pilots, IHB2  obtained approval from the American Board of Pediatrics to provide Maintenance of Certification (MOC) part 4 credit for PCPs who participate.  Furthermore, IHB2 has designed (and is now working to implement) a cross-system electronic interchange of EI data and PCP information that will allow statewide, secure referrals and feedback between the providers and has collaborated with Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), the proprietor of the Statewide Provider Database (SPD), to provide PCPs and CSPs easy access to community resources for their patients via the Medicaid provider portal.To read the entire report on the IHB2 lessons learned and accomplishments, click here.