Committee on Obesity Delivers Obesity Care Coverage Recommendations to Illinois Medicaid

Posted on: February 22, 2013

In January 2013, the ICAAP Committee on Obesity presented its initial recommendations to the Illinois Medicaid program on the coverage and reimbursement of pediatric obesity care. The recommendations, A Critical Gap in Care: Early Intervention to Reduce Pediatric Obesity, outline three steps that the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services can take immediately to improve care: (1) clarify coverage of follow-up visits for early intervention of pediatric overweight/obesity; (2) extend well-child and sick visits for counseling of pediatric patients with overweight/obesity; (3) allow the use of the Counseling Risk Factor Reduction and Behavior Change Intervention codes, which are eligible for increased CMS payment, for pediatric obesity counseling.

The recommendations are the culmination of work in 2012 by the Committee on Obesity’s Expert Panel on Coverage, Reimbursement, and Quality Measure, led by Dr. Kamala Ghaey. The Expert Panel’s 2012 Physician Survey of Pediatric Obesity Care and Medicaid laid the groundwork for these Medicaid recommendations.