Karin Vander Ploeg Booth, MD, FAAP

Posted on: March 13, 2015

Dr. Vander Ploeg Booth is an Assistant Professor in the Section of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics (DBP) at the University of Chicago, as well as the DBP Fellowship Program director.  Her clinical practice involves seeing children with a variety of developmental and behavioral concerns both at the University of Chicago and the Erikson Institute Center for Children and Families.  A major focus of her career has been medical education of students, residents, fellows, interdisciplinary practitioners, and primary care providers about issues and topics within the field of DBP.  She is involved in a number of advocacy efforts on behalf of children with disabilities and their families within the Chicagoland area and the state of Illinois.

Dr. Vander Ploeg Booth is also a co-chairperson of the Committee of Child Development (COCD).