Care Coordination Provider Toolkit

Posted on: December 14, 2015

We know that children and families can benefit from access to a broad range of developmentally appropriate and family supportive community-based services. As such, it is critical that there be an effective and sustainable process to ensure families are appropriately referred and can access such needed resources.  The toolkit, “Coordinating Medical Homes and Community Services: A Resource for Enhancing Referrals and Care Coordination among Primary Care Medical Homes, Early Intervention Service Providers and  Community Service Providers is designed to help providers initiate a referral to Early Intervention (EI) services for children with suspected developmental delay, and to receive information back from EI about the outcome of the referral. We hope this toolkit, by showcasing key components of follow-up and referral models as they apply to the EI referral process and fundamental aspects of care coordination protocols among medical homes, home visitors, and/or child care providers, will provide a starting point for providers to help build or enhance other referral and follow-up efforts and care coordination protocols. This provider toolkit was developed by Illinois Healthy Beginnings II (IHB2), a three-year project with funding from The Commonwealth Fund to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS). The project was administered by the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP). Collaborators on the project include ICAAP, HFS, and the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS). For more information, contact Elise Groenewegen at or 312/733-1026 x 204.