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Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

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The Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (ICAAP) is an organization of approximately 2,300 pediatricians in Illinois. Primary activities include advocacy on behalf of children, families, and health professionals in Illinois; the provision of continuing medical education and other resources for pediatricians, pediatric specialists, and other child health care providers; and collaboration with other state organizations and agencies on programs and projects that improve the health and well-being of children.

The ICAAP Committee on Adolescent Health (COAH) serves as a forum for pediatricians and other health care providers who are interested in promoting adolescent health to discuss and develop policies, programs, and resources to improve health care for adolescents.  New members are welcome.

ICAAP Committee on Adolescent Health Resources

Presentation: Strengths-Based Assessment and Counseling of Adolescents

Created by the ICAAP Committee on Adolescent Health

Are you interested in learning new strategies for working with adolescent patients?  Click here to view an informative presentation on strengths-based assessment and counseling of adolescents presented by Dr. Garry Sigman, Director of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine, Loyola University Medical Center.  In this presentation, Dr. Sigman provides information about positive youth development, motivational interviewing, and the strengths-based approach to providing clinical preventive services. A mock interview and counseling session with a teen volunteer completes the presentation.

Please note that the presentation may take a moment to load.   Information presented in the mock interview is fictional.

 This presentation was supported by an AAP Chapter Adolescent Health Educational Award sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics Adolescent Health Partnership Project.

Protecting Confidential Health Services for Adolescents and Young Adults

National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation, 2011

This report reviews the importance of access to confidential health services for adolescents and young adults, the legal protections in place to ensure confidential care delivery, and health insurance system barriers and other challenges to delivering that confidential care. [...more]

ICAAP Committee on School Health Resources

ICAAP’s COSH has numerous resources related to adolescent health. [...more]

Adolescent Health


This website offers resources for practices, youth, and families, as well as the latest news and research in the field of adolescent health. [...more]

Promoting Adolescent Health


Materials and resources on adolescent healthy lifestyles for physicians to use in their practice. [...more]

Clinical Care Resources

Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine

Issues related to confidentiality, billing and coding, screening questionnaire, immunizations, and meningitis are included on this website. [...more]

Child & Adolescent Health

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

This website offers various resources related to adolescent health including tools to guide clinical practice, relevant conferences and workshops, and an archive of research findings. [...more]

Adolescent Health Care 101: The Basics – CA Edition (2000)

Adolescent Health Working Group

This publication addresses general adolescent health issues and includes screening tools, brief office interventions and counseling guidelines, health education materials, and further literature and Internet resources. [...more]

Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health

Provides public education, policy advocacy, and training and technical assistance related to young people’s health. [...more]

*Resources provided by ICAAP COAH are often available to users as .pdf files.  Users must have Adobe Acrobat Readerinstalled to view .pdf files.


If you are interested in attending the next COAH meeting or have any other questions please contact:

Jodie Bargeron, MSW, LSW
Director, Medical Home Initiatives
312-733-1026, ext. 209