Committee on Child Development

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Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

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The ICAAP Committee on Child Development (COCD) serves to advocate for the improvement, both in quantity and quality, of developmental and other cognitive health screenings, referral, evaluation, care coordination, and services in Illinois; to develop a forum for pediatricians, other health care providers, educators, and community service providers for education and discussion of issues relating to child development; to increase the visibility of such issues within Illinois; and to collaborate with organizations in advocacy for children and their families.

Current COCD goals include

  • collaboration with organizations in advocacy for children and their families;
  • identification of professional development opportunities on current issues of child development including mental health and autism spectrum disorders (ASD)
  • enhancement of  social, emotional, and ASD screening, referral, and care coordination
  • recommendation and comment on current and pending state  legislation and policies related to child development

Committee Meetings and Contacts

COCD Meetings: The COCD meets periodically throughout the year via teleconference and in-person meetings.

Next COCD Meeting Date: TBD

COCD Co-Chairs: Mary Dobbins, MD, FAAP, and Cesar Ochoa-Lubinoff, MD, MPH, FAAP

COCD Staff Contact: Tom Bradach; Coordinator, Child Development Initiatives

If you have questions about the committee’s priorities or would like to make suggestions for future projects, please contact Tom Bradach at


If you are interested in attending the next COCD meeting or have any other questions please contact:

Tom Bradach
Coordinator, Child Development Initiatives
1400 W. Hubbard
Chicago, IL 60642
312/733-1026, ext 218
Fax: 312/733-1791