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Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

The Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics is led by a dedicated group of pediatricians who volunteer their service to improve pediatric care in Illinois.  ICAAP leadership includes five chapter officers, seven elected members, and one appointed executive committee member representing an academic medical center.  These 12 members are called the Executive Committee and they serve as the ICAAP board of directors.

2014 – 2016 ICAAP Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics are volunteers chosen by their peers to serve the statewide association of Illinois pediatricians.

ICAAP Officers

President, 2014-2016

Barbara Bayldon, MD, FAAP
Chicago, IL

President-Elect, 2014-2016

Alison S. Tothy, MD, FAAP
Chicago, IL

Secretary, 2014-2016

Mariana Glusman, MD, FAAP
Chicago, IL

Treasurer, 2014-2016 (third term)

Todd Ochs, MD, FAAP
Chicago, IL

Past President, 2014-2016

Kay L. Saving, MD, FAAP
Peoria, IL

ICAAP Executive Committee Members

Amy Christison, MD, FAAP, Peoria, IL (2014-2018, first term)

Leslie Cordes, MD, FAAP, Glenview, IL (2014-2018, second term)

Daniel Johnson, MD, FAAP, Chicago IL (2012-2016, first term)

Cesar Ochoa, MD, FAAP, Skokie, IL (2014-2018, first term)

Beth Volin, MD, FAAP, Chicago, IL (2012-2016, second term)

Karen Walker, MD, FAAP, Oak Park, IL (2012-2016, second term)

ICAAP Executive Committee Academic Center Liaison

David Soglin, MD, FAAP, Chicago, IL (2014-2016)

ICAAP Resident Liaisons to the Executive Committee

AnnaMarie Arias, MD, Stroger Hospital of Cook County (2014-2016)

Matt Magyar, MD, University of Illinois at Chicago (2014-2017)

ICAAP Nominating Committee

Irwin Benuck, MD, PhD, FAAP, Chicago IL (2012-2016)

Miriam Kalichman, MD, FAAP, Chicago, IL (2014-2018)

Sherald Leonard, MD, FAAP, Chicago, IL (2012-2016)

Margaret Scotellaro, MD, FAAP, Chicago, IL (2014-2018)



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