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Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

The Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics advocates on behalf of children and pediatricians in Illinois. The work of ICAAP focuses on issues pertaining to the health and well-being of children, such as access to medical care, Medicaid improvements for physicians and children, school health, injury prevention, and environmental health.

State and National Legislators

Visit the Illinois State Board of Elections to identify your elected officials in Springfield and Washington D.C.. Enter your full address to receive a list of officials along with information about their respective districts and state office contact information.

Illinois General Assembly

Follow the progress of ICAAP legislation and look up pending state legislation with the Illinois General Assembly website. With this resource users can expect to find information about legislators, including contact information, biographical information, committee assignments, and a record of previously supported legislation.


ICAAP encourages all eligible voters to participate in upcoming elections. Register to vote and/or find your local polling location via the Illinois State Board of Elections website.

Registered voters may vote early in Illinois elections.  Early voting ballots are accepted beginning exactly 22 days before the election, and ending exactly five  days before the election.  Locations and hours for early voting vary by county. There are approximately 200 early voting locations in Chicago and Cook County alone. To find the early voting location nearest you, please visit the Illinois State Board of Elections website.


For more information about ICAAP advocacy, please contact:

Jennie Pinkwater
Senior Director, Prevention Programs and Advocacy
1400 W. Hubbard
Chicago, IL 60642
312/733-1026, ext 213
Fax: 312/733-1791