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Early Intervention (EI)

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Illinois’ Early Intervention program’s mission is to assure that families who have infants and toddlers, birth to three, with diagnosed disabilities, developmental delays or substantial risk of significant delays receive resources and supports that assist them in maximizing their child’s development, while respecting the diversity of families and communities.

What is the purpose of this service?

To help children (ages 0 to 3), with disabilities or delays, to learn and grow.

Who can receive these services?

Families with an infant or toddler who is 0 to 3 years old.

What services are offered?

Infants and toddlers are tested to see if there is a delay in: movement, learning, dealing with others, behavior, and/or self-help skills. If needed, a plan (IFSP) is written to set goals and identify needs. Families, with the support of service providers, help the infants and toddlers reach their goals.

How do I apply?

Use the DHS Office Locator to find the Early Intervention office in your local area, or call 1-800-447-6404 (Voice/TTY). For automated service, call 1-800-323-GROW (4769).

ICAAP’s EI efforts include providing pediatrician education, working on policy and advocacy issues, and connecting providers and families to community resources for early intervention services.

EI Policy and Advocacy

In 2010, the Illinois Part C Early Intervention Task Force released a final legislative report to the 97th General Assembly as required by House Joint Resolution 50. The Early Intervention Advocacy Initiative (EIAI) was organized in response to concerns outlined in that report. [...more]

Coordinating Care

Coordinating Care Between Early Intervention and the Primary Care Medical Home aims to overcome barriers to referral and care coordination for children eligible for EI services by improving communication among primary care practices, Child and Family Connections staff, and families.  This training program addresses barriers and obstacles on both the primary care and EI sides of the referral process that contribute to poor care coordination for children with developmental problems. The program includes two trainings: one for primary care providers and one for EI staff. [...more]

EI Links and Resources

Find links to numerous early intervention resources  for providers, families, and advocates.


For more information about ICAAP’s early intervention advocacy work, contact:

Juanona Brewster, MDiv  MTS  MJ
Senior Director, Child Development
Director, PROTECT Initiative
Director, TEAM Initiative
312/733-1026 ext. 203