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Bright Smiles from Birth has assembled resources for families to learn about oral health for their young children. Parents can find information about oral health strategies dealing with:

Baby teeth and early childhood caries
Plaque and tooth decay
How to brush and floss a child’s teeth
Fluoride prevention
Dietary habits
Dental visits and referrals
Community water fluoridation

From these resources, parents can expect learn more about prevention strategies, learn how to access pediatric dentistry referrals, and understand the importance of the pediatricians’ assessing and monitoring infant and toddler oral health.

Bright and Healthy Smiles Begin at Birth

A child’s teeth begin erupting at around 6 months of age, and the development of these teeth play important roles in early childhood development.  Without proper care, tooth decay can occur in infants and preschool-aged children.  Tooth decay at this stage of development is called early childhood caries.

This fact sheet provides information on the importance of baby teeth, early childhood caries, and how to ensure a healthy childhood dentition.  [...more]

Tooth Decay

Plaque is a film that develop on teeth and contains bacteria that can cause cavities. This fact sheet explains the nature of plaque, its effects on child dentition, and how plaque and tooth decay can be prevented.  [...more]

How to Brush and Floss a Child’s Teeth

Brushing a young child’s teeth is an important, sometimes delicate process.  This fact sheet explains how to correctly brush the child’s teeth from the time when the teeth first appear in the mouth, through 4-5 years of age.  [...more]

What is Fluoride Varnish?

Fluoride varnish is protective coating that can be painted on your child’s teeth by a dentist or doctor.  There are many benefits to fluoride varnish including prevention of tooth decay.  This worksheet engages some common questions regarding fluoride varnish.  [...more]

Dental Visits: Visit the Dentist on a Child’s First Birthday

Dental visits are important to your child’s overall health and well being.  Families need a dentist they visit regularly and become their dental home.  Visits should start at age 1 and should occur every 6 months to one year.[...more]


For more information about family resources or Bright Smiles From Birth, please contact:

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