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ICAAP’s Child Development Initiatives focus on child cognitive development. Efforts include providing pediatrician and interprofessional education, resources,  and technical assistance; working on policy, advocacy, and systems improvement issues; and connecting providers and families to community resources for education, treatment, and other services such as early intervention, home visiting, and trauma-informed care.

In early 2008, the team’s focus was on early childhood development, specifically on the brain development of children, birth to three. Over the years, and because of evolving brain research, ICAAP has recognized the value of expanding this category to pre-conception, prenatal, and into pivotal ages such as 36 months for EI, 48 months and beyond for entry into school.

Now, because of the Tools to Empower Adolescent Moms (TEAM) initiative and work we are doing with public school systems, we recognize the developmental issues of adolescents and adolescent moms in particular. This name change (from Early Childhood Development to Child Development) reflects the changing approach of many of our colleagues in similar partner organizations in addressing child development.


For more information about ICAAP’s Child Development Initiatives, please contact:

Juanona Brewster, MDiv, MTS, MJ
Senior Director, Child Development Initiatives
Director, PROTECT Initiative
Director, TEAM Initiative
312/733-1026, ext 203

Elise Groenewegen
Manager, Child Development Initiatives
312/733-1026, ext 204