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The Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (ICAAP) is taking the lead on implementing the medical home quality improvement program of the CHIPRA grant for the State of Illinois.  Using our experience in quality improvement and building medical homesICAAP is supporting over 50 primary care practices under the medical home quality improvement program.

Under the program, practices take the key first step to improving the quality of their practice by assessing their “medical homeness” through a self-assessment process using the National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA)  2011 standards for Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) program.  This self-assessment is free of charge for practices and allows each practice to see its strengths and areas of need.  At the same time, the self-assessment scores help ICAAP build targeted technical assistance for the practices in this program.   Specifically, ICAAP will lead medical home improvement initiatives throughout the grant period focusing both on systems issues identified through the self-assessments, such as care coordination, and specific CHIPRA core child health measures.

Enrolled practices have the opportunity to take advantage of as many training opportunities as desired and will be able to access many of the trainings online. All training provided under the CHIPRA grant will be at no cost to participating practices.

This program is intended to strengthen practices’ medical homes, thus improving the content, efficiency and quality of services for the children they serve.  These changes have been show to improve satisfaction and outcomes for practices and families, alike. We envision the program will also help ICAAP identify key barriers to the provision of quality services, which can then be addressed at the community- and state-level, as necessary and possible. Furthermore, this work will integrate with Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services’ Medical Assistance Program’s policy.  ICAAP will jointly work with our grant partners to explore options for incorporating provider incentives such as bonus or care management payment, CME credit, NCQA Recognition, and American Board of Pediatrics’ Part 4 Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit into these initiatives.

Illinois CHIPRA Medical Home Project Baseline Results 

As part of the Illinois CHIPRA demonstration grant to improve child health, 51 practices were asked to assess their practices’ level of medical “homeness” in the spring of 2012 using the NCQA PCMH self-assessment tool in order to determine a baseline measure. The instrument asks a practice to assess its model of care related to patient-centered medical home on the six NCQA standards.  The Illinois CHIPRA Medical Home Project Baseline Results report discusses baseline results analyzed using a de-identified data set of the Illinois CHIPRA practices that completed the self-assessment.  The report contains two main sections: one that describes results across all 51 sites in Illinois and the other that summarizes results of a sub-set of those sites – those identified as a part of one of six different health systems (31).

Key findings included that most practices were not prepared to be PCMH recognized.  Seven of the 45 practices that answered all questions (or 16% of enrolled practices) would qualify at a Level 2 Patient-Centered Medical Home.  Urban, inner-city practices were more likely to state that their staff had little or no familiarity with medical home, while suburban practices scored considerably higher than practices in other locations (urban and rural).  It was also useful to learn that the NCQA PCMH self-assessment tool itself can be challenging to practices.  Time for completion varied significantly (1 hour – 40 hours), and even with instruction, the nuances of the survey such as choosing conditions and care management was unclear to many practices.  Some answered questions conservatively, others liberally.  Viewing the introductory materials from NCQA during a webinar was beneficial to practices to understand the true nature of the questions.

As part of the Illinois CHIPRA project, ICAAP is offering training and support to the CHIPRA practices to increase their medical homeness.  For more detail, please see the complete Illinois CHIPRA Medical Home Project Baseline Results report.


Program Webinars:

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