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The Vaccines for Children (VFC) program is a federally funded, state administered program that provides free vaccines to eligible children ages 18 and younger. Vaccines are provided free at no cost to the provider or the patient, although providers may charge an administration fee.

To view the VFC forms for providers in Illinois (outside of Chicago) please use the forms below.

Important! VFC Illinois Program Changes

Privately insured patients are NOT eligible to receive VFC vaccine and must only be vaccinated with privately acquired vaccines.

Additionally, to assure VFC compliance and automate documentation, ordering and tracking of VFC vaccines, the Illinois VFC program will be implementing a web-based ordering and accountability module in the statewide immunization database, I-CARE. If you are a VFC-Illinois provider you are REQUIRED to use I-CARE.

2017 VFC Program Changes – These changes will go into effect for all Illinois VFC providers concerning vaccine storage and handling in your practices

Questions about this information can be answered by the Illinois Department of Public Health 217/785-1455

VFC Illinois Enrollment

Enrollment will be available and submitted through I-CARE. Any new providers wanting to enrolling the VFC Illinois program should immediately begin the process by applying for I-CARE access. I-CARE enrollment instructions are available at http://illinoisaap.org/projects/immunizations/i-care/.

The Illinois Vaccines For Children Program (VFC) requires annual VFC Provider re-enrollment. The purpose of this re-enrollment process is to gather updated information, including changes in provider’s vaccine usage volume, clinic contact information and other changes that may have occurred since the previous year.

Due to this and the increasing size of VFC vaccine orders, we must update your vaccine usage. The updated information about your practice will allow the Illinois VFC Program to properly project vaccine needs for future purchases.

Data Loggers

Data loggers are required for all Illinois VFC providers starting on 1/1/2017; each storage unit storing VFC vaccines must be monitored by a data logger; CDC-required back-up thermometers must also be data loggers.  The “Data Logger Information” document provides a sample listing of a few data loggers for informational purposes only.   Neither the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) nor Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Vaccines for Children (VFC) program will endorse a particular brand.  Please contact the data logger vendors for current pricing and availability.

VFC Illinois Forms

VFC Illinois Vaccine Incident Report for Temperature Excursions (11.13)

CDC Storage and Handling Toolkit (5.14)

VFC Program-Enrollment Overview (2.16)

VFC Illinois Provider Manual (2.16)

VFC Illinois Patient Eligibility Screening (7.14)

VFC Illinois Temperature Log Refrigerator Celsius (12.14)

VFC Illinois Temperature Log Refrigerator Fahrenheit (12.14)

VFC Illinois Temperature Log Freezer Celsius (12.14)

VFC Illinois Temperature Log Freezer Fahrenheit (12.14)

VFC Illinois Vaccine Management Plan (11.15)

VFC Provider Withdraw Form (12.14)

VFC Provider Educational Resources (2.5.16)

VFC Provider – At a Glance Resource Guide (2.15)

VFC Eligibility Decision Tree (2.16)

VFC Data Logger Information (2.16)

VFC 2017 Storage Equipment Clarification

For questions or assistance with I-CARE, please email the IDPH I-CARE team at DPH.ICARE@illinois.gov

For more information about VFC Illinois contact:

Linda Kasebier, M.P.H., M.S.H.S.
Vaccine For Children Administrator
Illinois Department of Public Health
525 W. Jefferson Street
Springfield, Illinois 62761
Phone:  217-785-1455
Fax:  217-524-0967


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