Resources for Families

Resources for Youths and Families for ICAAP’s Transitioning Youth to Adult Care Course

Below are a number of  resources and tools to help youth and families in the transition from pediatric to adult health care. The project-developed tools were created by pediatricians in practice, transition experts, youth, and parents and the remaining resources are nationally validated tools and resources from partner organizations.

The development of these resources is supported by a state implementation grant from the Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau.

The resources below were developed by ICAAP and Specialized Care for Children at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Health and the Transition to Adulthood: Building the Foundation for Success: The Integrated Services Committee of the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and UIC Specialized Care for Children presented a webinar for parents and families on incorporating health goals into IEPs and transition plans. The recording of this webinar is available here and the slides are available here. The resources and tools discussed in the webinar are available in the table below.

Cerebral Palsy Guidance provides information about cerebral palsy, financial assistance, and living with cerebral palsy. Please visit the website for more information.

Cerebral Palsy Guide provides a trustworthy, caring resource for families and individuals affected by cerebral palsy. For more information, please visit the Cerebral Palsy Guide website.

College Resources for Students with Disabilities find specific information and resources on a variety of different disabilities, learn how to make the transition into the workforce easier, and find out what your legal rights on campus are. College Resources for Students with Disabilities

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities discover scholarships, both narrowly- and broadly-focused, that can help students with disabilities pay for their educations, as well as additional resources for obtaining funding. Scholarships for Students with Disabilities website.

The Adolescent Health Initiative at the University of Michigan Health System developed a number of videos for teens and parents about building independence and self-advocacy and preparing teens to transition to adult-oriented care and navigate the healthcare system. View the video library here.

The College Affordability Guide is a website that helps students and families research affordable, non-for-profit colleges and provides clear information about colleges, financial aid, transferring credit, and more. View the website here.

Winning in College: A Guide for Students with Disabilities is a resource that covers transitioning into college, rights of students with disabilities, disability documentation, scholarships, choosing the right school, and many other topics. View the guide here.

Students with Disabilities: 2017 Resource Guide is a resource for students with disabilities who are looking to enroll with a university, uncover financial aid and scholarship information, or who are looking for information associated with student life once on campus. View the guide here.

Financial Aid for College Students with Disabilities is a scholarship search tool and financial assistance guide for students with disabilities. View the resource here.

Business Ideas for Children with Disabilities

 College for Students with Disabilities  provides information and resources for students with disabilities pursuing a college degree.

Managing Chronic Conditions in Schools provides information, resources, and tools about living with chronic conditions on campus.

Resources Guide for College Students with Disabilities

For more information, please contact:

Dru O’Rourke
Manager, Prevention Programs and Medical Home Initiatives
Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics
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Phone: 312/733-1026 x207
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Resources and Tools for Families
File Name Size Link
TransitionAdulthoodTeen.pdf 571 KB Transition to Adulthood Handout for Teens
Transition to Adulthood Handout for Teens (Spanish)
HealthCareTransition.pdf 457KB Health Care Transition Handout
Health Care Transition Handout (Spanish)
ChecklistTeens.pdf 284 KB Transition Checklist for Teens
Transition Checklist for Teens (Spanish)
ChecklistCaregiver.pdf 242 KB Transition Checklist for Parents/Caregivers
Transition Checklist for Parents/Caregivers (Spanish)
HowWellKnowHCNeeds.pdf 239 KB How Well Do You Know Your Health Care Needs?
How Well Do You Know Your Health Care Needs? (Spanish)
TransitionAdulthoodParent.pdf 884 KB Transition to Adulthood Handout for Parents and Caregivers
Transition to Adulthood for Parents and Caregivers (Spanish)
DifferencesInCare.pdf 559 KB Differences In Care
Differences in Care (Spanish)
TransitionTimeline.pdf 1,366 KB Transition Timeline
Transition Timeline (Spanish)
TransitionIssuesSpecialNeeds.pdf 915 KB Transition Issues for Adolescents with Special Needs Brochure
Transition Issues for Adolescents with Special Needs Brochure (Spanish)
GuideToAdultBenefitsReadOrder.pdf 1,270 KB Guide to Adult Benefits, Services, and Resources
Guide to Adult Benefits, Services, and Resources (Spanish)
GuideToAdultBenefitsPrintOrder.pdf 1,209 KB Guide to Adult Benefits, Services, and Resources (for print orders)
Guardianship.pdf 761 KB Guardianship and Alternatives
Guardianship and Alternatives (Spanish)
DoYouUnderstandInsurance.pdf 347 KB Do You Understand Insurance?
Do You Understand Insurance? (Spanish)
FillingPrescription.pdf 456 KB Filling a Prescription
Filling a Prescription (Spanish)
MedicalEmergency.pdf 431 KB What To Do In A Medical Emergency
What To Do In A Medical Emergency (Spanish)
TakeMedsAsDirected.pdf 337 KB Take Medications As Directed
Take Medications As Directed (Spanish)
WorkingWithDoctor.pdf 477 KB Working With Your Doctor
Working With Your Doctor (Spanish)
FindingAdultProviders.pdf 443 KB Finding Adult Providers
Finding Adult Providers (Spanish)
PortableMedicalSummary.pdf 137 KB Portable Medical Summary