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In 2011, ICAAP began Promoting Health: Improving Quality in Obesity Care.

The project addresses public and private payer coverage and reimbursement of obesity-related care; seeks to integrate an obesity quality measure and other quality improvement activities, including Maintenance of Certification, into the Illinois CHIPRA Quality Demonstration Project; addresses gaps in physical activity programs and comprehensive care; works to expand the database of community resources outside of the City of Chicago, and connects physicians to advocacy opportunities in their communities.

The ICAAP’s multi-disciplinary Committee on Obesity, chaired by Dr. Karen Walker, seeks to prevent childhood obesity and improve the quality of pediatric overweight/obesity care in the State of Illinois and will oversee the project. The Committee considers factors and policies that influence health disparities, access to care, health outcomes, and clinical practice. It provides opportunities for its members to promote and enhance child obesity prevention policies in their communities and statewide. The Committee oversees the implementation of ICAAP obesity prevention initiatives, offers advice and counsel to ICAAP on obesity-related activities, and facilitates access to resources and relationships that will positively affect the goals, programs, and outcomes of the Committee’s work. The Committee facilitates collaboration with state agencies, advocacy groups, and other organizations whose work is to prevent or ameliorate the risk of pediatric obesity and associated chronic conditions.

The full committee will be organized into three expert panels:

Coverage, Reimbursement, and Quality Measures

Dr. Kamala Ghaey, Expert Panel Chair


Improve Medicaid policies to provide better care for overweight/obese children

Improve private payer policies to provide better care for overweight/obese children

Implement Illinois obesity quality measure (BMI percentile) through CHIPRA demonstration project

Advocate for comprehensive obesity treatment programs – including components on physical activity, nutrition counseling, and mental health counseling.

Maintenance of Certification and Physician Education

Dr. David Dungan, Dr. Goutham Rao, and Dr. Christiane Stahl, Expert Panel Co-Chairs


Develop Maintenance of Certification project on obesity care

Provide ongoing Continuing Medical Education on obesity prevention and treatment

Community Programs and Coalitions

Dr. David Anyadike and Dr. Thomas Bockle, Expert Panel Co-Chairs


Increase availability of and access to community-based programs designed to prevent and/or treat pediatric obesity

Increase provider awareness of opportunities to participate in community coalitions working to address pediatric obesity

Advocate for targeted physical activity programs designed specifically for overweight/obese children and adolescents

To get involved with Obesity Prevention & Care efforts, join the Committee on Obesity or the expert panels please contact:

Mary Elsner, JD
Director, Obesity Prevention Initiatives
312/733-1026, ext. 220

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Promoting Health:  Improving Quality in Obesity Care is funded by the Generous Support of The Otho S.A. Sprague Memorial Institute and the Illinois Department of Healthcare & Family Services.