Reach Out and Read Illinois Friends Board

Reach Out and Read Illinois has launched the Reach Out and Read Illinois Friends Board, created for those with a passion for literacy promotion and an interest in advancing the mission of Reach Out and Read. Members of the Friends Board will have the chance to actively communicate with Reach Out and Read Illinois via Facebook, and will receive regular updates on the program’s activities so they can participate. The commitment to join is simple:

1. Show your support for promoting early childhood literacy in Illinois by liking us on Facebook

2. Give us your name and email, and let us know how you would like to help by taking this brief survey

3. Help with a Reach Out and Read project activity at least once per year

As a member of the Friends Board, there are many ways you can help show your support for Reach out and Read. Examples include:

  • Get a friend to “like” the ROR Illinois Facebook page
  • Volunteer to read at a ROR Illinois site. You can find a Reach Out and Read Program in your Illinois community through our interactive map.
  • Attend a fundraising event
  • Write for the quarterly newsletter

We know there are many doctors, nurses, parents, community members, business leaders and others who believe in the mission of Reach Out and Read and want to be a part of it somehow.  The Friends Board is an easy way to show your support.  Please join us today!

If you have questions about the Friends Board or ideas for how you might support Reach Out and Read Illinois, please contact us at

Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics