Pediatric health care providers play a significant role in helping to ensure children receive an annual flu vaccine. Every patient visit is an opportunity to promote and strengthen trust in the flu vaccine. Please use these resources to help increase flu vaccination rates in your community.

Resources for Providers

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Why It's so Important to Get Vaccinated Against the Flu

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  • The CDC and AAP recommend that everyone gets their flu shot this year. Schedule your flu vaccine today!
  • Check the National Vaccine Finder (https://vaccinefinder.org/) to find the closest place for a flu vaccine.
  • Getting vaccinated, proper hand washing, and mask wearing will help protect you, your family, and the most vulnerable among us during this flu season.
  • Flu vaccination reduces the risk of flu-associated death among children with underlying medical conditions AND healthy children. Don't delay – talk to your pediatrician about the flu shot today.

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