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Reach Out and Read Illinois volunteers are early literacy champions who play vital roles in the success of our organization.  They can be found in clinic waiting rooms reading to children, at their local neighborhood organization speaking about the importance of reading, helping build bookcases for sites, or coordinating a book drive.

Get Involved

Become a Volunteer Reader

Volunteer readers help create  literacy-rich environments in the waiting rooms of Reach Out and Read Programs. Learn more about becoming a volunteer reader. [...more]

Organize a Readathon

Reach Out and Read Illinois has developed a Readathon Toolkit to help schools plan and implement a Readathon to benefit their own school library and to help children and families living in poverty get access to books.  Learn more about the Readathon Toolkit. [...more]

Organize a Book Drive

High-quality children’s books can be very expensive. That’s why community book drives are an important source of support for thousands of Reach Out and Read Programs nationwide. Learn more about how you can help put high quality children’s books into the hands of young readers today. [...more]

Create a Literacy-Rich Waiting Room

Providing a literacy-rich waiting room is a wonderful way to support young readers. Becoming a volunteer reader is just one of many ways that you can help sites create a literacy-rich waiting room.  [...more]

Host a House Party

Support Reach Out and Read Illinois and early childhood literacy by hosting a house party and inviting your friends, neighbors and family members. [...more]

Join the ROR Illinois Friends Board

Reach Out and Read Illinois has launched the Reach Out and Read Illinois Friends Board, created for those with a passion for literacy promotion and an interest in advancing the mission of Reach Out and Read. Members of the Friends Board will have the chance to actively communicate with Reach Out and Read Illinois via Facebook, and will receive regular updates on the program’s activities so they can participate. [...more]

Join the ROR Illinois Associates Board

The Reach Out and Read Illinois Associates Board is an active group of young professionals focused on planning media and fundraising events to support ROR Illinois. [...more]


Donations to Reach Out and Read Illinois put books in the hands of children who are learning to read. Learn more about the effect that your contribution has, and how you can support young readers in powerful ways. [...more]

For more information on how you can become a Reach Out and Read Illinois champion volunteer, please email us at


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