The resources and tools provided below are intended to be immunization-related resources for families and caregivers.

For questions or additional information on ICAAP's Immunizations Program, please contact Immunizations Staff Anne Wong at or Olyvia Phillips at

Immunization Schedules

Vaccine Recommendations for Infants and Children (Birth - 6 years)
*Schedule available in Spanish

Vaccine Recommendations for Children (7 - 18 years)
*Schedule available in Spanish

Vaccination Milestone Tracker

*Use this tracker to document the vaccinations your child has received and should be receiving next.

Child Care and School Required Vaccines

*Each state decides which vaccines are required for your child’s enrollment and attendance at a childcare facility or school in that state. It’s extremely important for you to keep track your child’s vaccination record.


A quick read from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Measles disease and vaccine. Learn when your child should get vaccinated and how many times.

Does your insurance cover the measles vaccine? If you do not have insurance, learn about your options.

Live in Chicago? Find a clinic near you providing Measles vaccine.

Learn about common Measles symptoms and what to do if your child shows these signs/symptoms.

Quick factsheet on Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR), risks, and preventative measures for your child.

Detailed answers to frequently asked questions regarding MMR.

The sheet below provides reliable and parent-friendly resources to visit and review.

Other Organizations Addressing Immunizations

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