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Our mission is to promote and advocate for optimal child, youth and family well-being, and access to quality healthcare while supporting our members.

ICAAP Statements on Anti-Racism and Violence/Police Brutality

Guilty on all three counts. As the verdict in the Derick Chauvin trial was read, there was a sigh of relief from Black and Brown communities around the country. Yet this outcome is far from justice for the hundreds of killings of young Black and Latinx persons at the hands of law enforcement in the US. ICAAP recognizes that as pediatricians we cannot remain silent when it comes to police violence and the structural racism at its core. We are committed to work with legislators and community partners to drive significant change in police policy, training and accountability, and to combat the structural racism that is a root cause of deaths at the hands of law enforcement. We advocate for greater community support systems, school funding and mental health resources to support adolescents and young adults in crisis in order to protect youth from police confrontation.

ICAAP extends our allyship and solidarity with our patients, families, colleagues, friends, and community who identify as Asian. We are deeply saddened by the historical racism and recent multiple acts of anti-Asian violence in our country, including the tragic mass shooting event in Atlanta on March 16th. This event highlights the intersection of anti-Asian racism, sexism, and gun-based violence. ICAAP is committed to health equity, and we recognize that these issues, and their resultant grief and stress, directly affect the health of our communities, our patients, and our colleagues.

The American Academy of Pediatrics 2020 Award of Chapter Excellence - Very Large Category Chapter Award Nominee Illinois

The Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (ICAAP) is an organization of 2,100 pediatricians and other pediatric health care providers.


ICAAP is gathering information to assist members with the roll-out of COVID vaccines in Illinois. ICAAP is working with IDPH and CDPH to support this important task. Vaccine distribution is being handled by local health departments.

Our COVID-19 Resources page has up-to-date information for your practice, how to best serve vulnerable populations, resources from AAP, webinars, news about Medicare and more.



The ICAAP Summer 2021 Newsletter covers the following: Lingering Long COVID-19, Applied Behavior Analysis Provision in Early
Intervention, Revisiting the Forgotten Vaping Crisis, How to Manage Traveling
Safely with Unvaccinated Children and more!


At ICAAP, we are committed to fostering equity and justice as well as to fighting against racisms of all kinds.


Pediatric health care providers play a significant role in ensuring all children receive the annual flu vaccine, especially given the overlapping symptoms of COVID-19 and flu. Access resources from the AAP, patient/family facing resources, flu campaigns from partner organizations, and example social media messages.

Primary activities include advocacy on behalf of children, families, and health professionals in Illinois; the provision of continuing medical education and other resources for pediatricians, pediatric specialists, and other child health care providers; and collaboration with other state organizations and agencies on programs and projects that improve the health and well-being of children.


ICAAP develops and implements educational programs on a variety of children's health topics with the intention of providing ongoing education for pediatricians and health care professionals in Illinois.


ICAAP advocates on behalf of children and pediatricians in Illinois. The work of ICAAP focuses on issues pertaining to the health and well-being of children, such as access to medical care, Medicaid improvements for physicians and children, injury prevention, and more.