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Expanding Illinois’ Statewide Mental Health Programs and Services Together

ICAAP is collaborating with the Illinois Department of Public Health, Office of Women’s Health, and Family Services (IDPH, OWHFS), Illinois Title V Maternal and Child Health Program (IL Title V), and Illinois DocAssist (IDA) to expand Illinois’ existing statewide mental health programs and services.

Increasing the Volume of Consultation Services in Illinois

This expansion primarily focuses on increasing the volume of consultation services provided across the State, providing a multitude of mental health education and training opportunities to pediatricians and other primary health care professionals, and developing a stronger network of mental health resources and referrals accessible to providers serving pediatric patients and their families.

Increasing Consultation Services

What's Happening in Illinois

Strengthen Mental Health Care

New Effort to Strengthen Children’s Mental Health Care in Illinois

In November 2022, the Administration of Governor JB Pritzker announced it is launching a new state program designed to help pediatricians and other providers meet children’s mental health needs by strengthening mental health services in emergency departments and schools. The new program will focus on increasing the volume of consultation services provided across the state, providing a multitude of mental health education and training opportunities to physicians and health care professionals, and strengthening the network of mental health resources and referrals accessible to providers and their patients. It will also explore the feasibility of direct provider-patient telehealth service programs.

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A Vision For Improved Mental Health

IL Blueprint for Transformation - A Vision for Improved Behavioral Healthcare for Illinois Children 

The Transformation Initiative builds upon the substantial progress made by Illinois agencies to ensure that every young person experiencing mental or behavioral health problems can access needed services. By identifying and addressing current barriers to delivering efficient and effective care, the Transformation Initiative hopes to improve the State’s ability to offer families a set of streamlined, accessible, and responsive solutions.

The Governor empowered the Transformation Initiative to analyze systemic problems and, in collaboration with the six child-serving State agencies, to develop creative, evidence-driven solutions in order to achieve five goals:

  1. Adjust capacity—so that there are enough of the services we need
  2. Streamline processes—so that services can be easily accessed
  3. Intervene earlier—so that acute crises can be prevented
  4. Increase accountability—so that there is transparency in service delivery
  5. Develop agility—so that systems can be responsive to the changing needs of the youth population

Read the Blueprint                               Read the Feb 2024 Progress Report


New Available Grief Resources!

We are please to introduce this new set of grief flyers! Two flyers empower pediatric health professionals by providing step-by-step information on how they can confidently help patients and their families which encourages healthy healing after the loss of a child or sibling. Simply download the zip file to print or share with families or health professionals!

Mental Health
Resources for

Mental Health Resoures for Clinicians

New! AAP Clinical Report: Suicide and Suicide Risk in Adolescents

Explore the Academy’s new clinical report, as published in the January 2024 edition of Pediatrics to enhance your capacity to recognize risk factors associated with suicidality in at-risk adolescents. The clinical report highlights strategies to improve screening techniques and leverage new interventions for patients with suicidal ideation and associated behaviors.

Read the Clinical Report Latest News

AAP Policy Statement & Technical Report

Health Supervision for Children and Youth With Mental and Behavioral Health Emergencies

The American Academy of Pediatrics seeks to curb prolonged emergency department stays and boarding, which negatively affect patient care and emergency operations, in a new policy statement and technical report published in the September 2023 issue of Pediatrics. The goal of the literature is to highlight strategies, resources, and recommendations for improving emergency care delivery for pediatric mental and behavioral health. Explore more using the links below.

AAP Mental Health Initiatives

Explore up-to-date data, resources, and action kits developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

AAP Mental Health Practice Tools and Resources

Help to promote healthy mental development and address concerns of your patients with these practice tools and resources. Topics include readying the practice, practice workflow, brief interventions and symptom-based care, and effective referrals

Additional Mental Health Resources

Review these resources for more information about mental health concerns, trauma informed care and supporting healthy mental development.

ICAAP Mental Health Resources

Suicide Prevention

Explore resources and information for guidance on how to decrease pediatric suicide and effectively work with families and communities on this rising issue.

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Suicide Prevention Ambassadors

The AAP and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) are partnering to establish a community of Suicide Prevention Ambassadors across the United States and Puerto Rico. Chapter ambassadors will be trained in strategies described in the Blueprint for Youth Suicide Prevention and work together to provide leadership and subject matter expertise, engage community members, and support chapter activities related to youth suicide prevention.

Meet our ICAAP Ambassador:

  • Nabil Abou Baker, MD, FAAP - University of Chicago

ICAAP work closely with Phil Martinez, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention IL Chapter.

Suicide Prevention

Mental Health
Resources for

Mental Health Resources for Families

Mental Health Support for Your Family

If you have questions about the mental health and wellbeing of your infant, child, or teenage, do not hesitate to reach out to your regular pediatrician for more guidance. They are always happy to lend an ear and help you find the right pathway for your family! You can also learn more about infant and child mental health with these helpful resources from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

These resources share helpful tips and skills to:

  • Manage anxiety
  • Manage depression or sadness
  • Manage disruptive or aggressive behavior
  • Manage inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity

Learn more about mental health topics like:

  • Emotional wellness
  • Mental health concerns
  • Promoting social emotional health
  • Promoting resilience