Reach Out & Read

Reach Out & Read Illinois prepares low-income children for kindergarten by incorporating books into pediatric visits from six months to five years, connecting families to neighborhood resources and encouraging families to read together. Reach Out & Read Illinois builds on the relationship between parents and healthcare providers. Books are an important part of early learning and brain development, and Reach Out & Read Illinois distributes over 118,000 books and early learning resources to families every year. Yet, this is only a fraction of those that need support.

Translating Reach Out & Read to Telehealth

In response to demand from our provider network, Reach Out & Read National has created some materials providing guidance on:

  • How to deliver Reach Out & Read via telehealth
  • How to address stress and anxiety through shared reading
  • How to create a personal connection virtually

Please help us to promote this short training video and telehealth tip sheet!

For more, please visit the new telehealth page on the Reach Out & Read National website.

Cindy Ogrin, MNM

Director of Development and Communications
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