Founded in 2017 with the mission of improving the quality of care for our immigrant patients and their families.

Educational Presentations

Human Rights and Children's Health: A Multilink Bond

November 16, 2022

Presenter: Vidya Ramanathan, MD

The presentation reviews human rights and child rights broadly, human rights violations in immigrant and refugee children, the impacts that human rights violations have on children's health, and concrete steps to take when working with immigrant and refugee children in a clinical setting.

Recognizing Distress in Children with Immigration-Related Concerns and Integrating Advocacy Skills into Clinical Practice

April 19, 2023

Presenter: Dana Rusch, PhD

This presentation with provide an overview of the Immigrant Family Mental Health Advocacy Program. Case examples will highlight how immigration policies shape the mental health context of im/migration. Discussion will focus on supporting undocumented youth and families, asylum-seekers, and DACA recipients.

Pediatric Immigrant and Refugee Health Care in the 21st Century - Clinical and Policy Perspectives

December 3, 2021

Presenter: Renowned Pediatrician Janine Young, MD, FAAP

The presentation reviews current arrival numbers, discuss evidence-based approaches to medical screening and ongoing care linkage, and provide examples of data informing advocacy and policy work.

The Changing Landscape of Immigration Policy: Opportunities to Impact and Improve Children's Health and Well-Being

February 15, 2023

Presenters: The Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights

Learn about the Young Center's work to protect and advance the best interests of immigrant children seeking protection at the US border and how you can support efforts in Illinois and nationally to advance the rights and best interests of immigrant children.

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  • Educate healthcare providers to assess the medical, legal, and social needs of newcomers and create immigrant-friendly healthcare spaces in Illinois 
  • Gather resources for healthcare providers to assist their patients with behavioral health, legal, and community organization referrals to coordinate care of children and families 
  • Provide education and quality improvement opportunities for pediatricians working with refugee and immigrant populations 
  • Train a network of medical and behavioral health providers to perform forensic asylum examinations 
  • Inform physicians about opportunities to advocate for legislation and policies that benefit children 
  • Connect with community and legal organizations to assess the medical needs of target populations 

For a gathering of clinical resources for refugee and immigrant health:

RICHI members advocate on behalf of immigrant children and families

Protecting Immigrant Families

Signing onto a Supreme Court amicus brief in support of DACA

Providing and soliciting comments opposing proposed Public Charge rule changes

Writing to Congress to argue for the necessity of Medical Deferred Action

Forming professional relationships with legal, social service, and health care organizations to better support immigrant families through culturally-competent care and communications

Engaging in crucial capacity building around the performance of medical and psychological forensic assessments in support of pediatric and family asylum cases through its Midwest Human Rights Consortium (MHRC)

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